Dream BIG - Canvas, the Open Web, and M.O.L.I.E!

Is Global Warming Real or Not? You Decide.


Are your students interested in mathematics? Do they find relevance?

Immerse students in a compelling narrative - life at the North Pole! Have them explore M.O.L.I.E. and determine if 'global warming is real.'

Using NSF weather data students learn about small town life at the North Pole, meet compelling characters, learn about the plight of the polar bear, and gain a better understanding of environmental issues.

Looking for relevance? This M.O.L.I.E. not only promotes mathematics, students enact 'being a scientist' and might just take action to protect our environment.


Advocacy Pathways in a Broken System


Would you like for students to develop advocacy skills?

Imagine a multimedia online immersive world where students 'live the life of a nurse' and are challenged to advocate for high quality patient care and meet quality standards all within a system that is broken. Patient advocacy and leadership - navigating a broken heath care system.

Breathe life and interaction through EPIC stories.


Who doesn't love an EPIC story?

Immersive story telling, bring characters to life and tap into social-emotional learning.

Why not send your students on a hero’s quest and immerse your students in a whaler’s life as they undertake the ultimate quest of finding Moby Dick through different characters viewpoints.