Rarely do we hear "I wish I could take another class like that!"

Bridging Canvas to the open Web and embedding course content in a compelling narrative can be a catalyst for powerful learning, offering students opportunities to experience:

  • a 'Hero’s Quest'

  • 'Changing the World'

  • 'Alternative Perspectives'

  • 'Solve a Mystery'

These are a few examples of compelling narratives that can create meaningful learning and combat lack of student engagement and participation.

Integrating Canvas APIs into a M.O.L.I.E. can be an innovative way to rethink online learning.  Course design that draws upon quest-based learning, game theory and game elements can bring to life student engagement as they actively interact with a compelling narrative in EPIC online courses.

M.O.L.I.E  and Canvas APIs offer faculty multiple pathways to tap into a variety of pedagogical drivers and engage students in social-emotional learning as they interact with a compelling course narrative.

What do your students search for?  

Ready to leverage the power of M.O.L.I.E?.